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For years, the SLO Angels have been a perennial powerhouse in the SLO MSBL. They are managed by Boz Baron.

They are multi-year champions in the former 18+ division. In 2022, they kept up with the tradition and won the Championship by beating the Blacksox. Read the recap of the Championship Series.

The Angels are a talented squat with members that have played together for years. What really makes them successful, though, is their consistent, fundamental play. They don’t win with only power or cheap runs. They win by limiting mistakes, having solid pitching and taking good at bats.

Keep an eye on the SLO Angels this season as they pursue another Championship.

In 2023, the Angels are proving they are still the team to beat. They have started the season off with 3 straight victories.

2023 Standings


Angels 2023 Schedule

April 2AG10amBlacksoxW 1-0
April 16SLO4pmLegendsW 8-4
April 23SLO1pm@ HogsW 14-3
April 30SLO10am@ EaglesW 8-0
May 7SLO1pm@ HopsW 17-5
May 20 (Sat)SLO2pm@ OutlawsW 13-5
May 21Cancelled10amPrimos
June 4AG2:30pm*@ BlacksoxW 3-0
June 11AG12pm*@ LegendsT 1-1
June 18SLO10amHogsW 8-1
June 25SM2:30pmEaglesW 13-4
July 2AG9:30amHopsW 12-2
July 9SLO5pmOutlawsW 16-5
July 16AG9:30am@ PrimosW 3-1
July 23SLO5pmBlacksoxL 2-5
July 30SLO9:30amLegendsW 8-2
August 6SLO9:30am@ HogsW 12-10
August 13SLO12pm@ EaglesT 4-4
Playoff--Rd 2
August 26SLO1pmPrimosW 10-0
August 27SLO1pm@ Primos0-0
August 27SLO4pmPrimos0-0

Angels 2023 Roster

Manager: Boz Baron

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2022 League Results

The Angels won the 2022 SLO MSBL Championship, defeating the Blacksox.