Meet the teams of the SLO MSBL

On Sundays from April to September, you can find the SLO MSBL on the field around the Central Coast. The league is made up of teams with players ranging in age from 18 to 72. The one thing they all share is a love for playing adult baseball.

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In 2022, the league was made up of seven teams. The league had a modified 30+ age division with allowances for each team to have five players under the age of 30.

What the league will look like in 2023 is still being decided. So far, all the teams from last season are planning to come back for the upcoming season. It’s possible there will be a new team or two joining as well.

Here’s your introduction to the teams of the SLO MSBL. Check them out. And remember you can play adult baseball, too. So what’s stopping you?


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SLO Angels logo

About the Angels

For years, the SLO Angels have been a perennial powerhouse in the SLO MSBL. They are managed by Boz Baron.

The Angels are a talented squat with members that have played together for years. What really makes them successful, though, is their consistent, fundamental play. They don’t win with only power or cheap runs. They win by limiting mistakes, having solid pitching and taking good at bats.

They repeated as champions in 2023, beating out the Blacksox for the title.

Keep an eye on the SLO Angels this season as they pursue another Championship.

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SLO Blacksox logo

About the Blacksox

The Blacksox are one of the oldest teams in the SLO MSBL. They have a history of success and being competitive year in and year out. They are managed by long time league member, Tony Camacho.

The Blacksox have a solid core of players. Each time they take the field, their pitching is competitive and their hitting is hard to stop. 

They hope that 2024 will be the year that they come out on top.

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SLO Legends logo

About the Legends

The Legends three-peated as 35+ Divisions Champions in the SLO MSBL. They won the trophy in 2018, 2019 & 2021 (there was no season in 2020 due to covid restrictions.}

The Legends field a solid core of players that have a lot of playing experience at high levels of baseball. They also excel at recruiting players, both from within and outside the league.

The Legends travel for a tournament or two most years, including the MSBL Desert Classic in Palm Springs.

The Legends will be fighting to claw their way back to the top in the 2024 SLO MSBL season.

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California Hogs logo

About the Hogs

The Hogs are longtime members of the SLO MSBL. They have had good bouts of success on the baseball field. They are managed by League President, James Hixon.

Their roster has the oldest average age in the league, but their ability to compete is a testament to the skill the players bring to the field. They have been adding younger players each year to round out the roster, ensuring that the team will have a competitive future.

The Hogs often field a team to go to various tournaments throughout the year. In November, they play a friendly exhibition against Lumber Co. from Monterey.

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SLO Hops logo

About the Hops

The Hops made a big leap in 2023. They more than doubled their win total from the year before.

Led by co-managers Bryan Frankhauser and Dom Fountain, the Hops hope to hop even further in the standings this season.

Look for them to turn some heads with some of the new faces joining the team this season.

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Central Coast outlaws logo

About the Outlaws

The current iteration of the Outlaws joined the league in 2019. They are managed by Bob Fernandez. 

In addition to playing in the SLO MSBL, the Outlaws recruit other players to join them in playing in NABA and MSBL tournaments throughout the year.

The Outlaws are always looking for new players to join them for league and tournament play.

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Primos logo


The Primos found early success in their first year in the league, going undefeated in their first 8 games. While they cooled off from their hot start later in the season, They finished with a respectable 4th place finish in 2023.

Led by manager, David Cortez, the Primos hope to show the league what they are made of as they pursue a championship.

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SLO MSBL Cachorros logo

About the Cachorros

The Cachorros are a 2024 expansion team to the SLO MSBL. They are managed by Arcadio Delgado. Made up of some former MSBL players and joined by new faces, the Cachoros are eager to start their run in the league.

With a small ball style of play and passionate attitudes, the Cachorros bring a fun atmosphere to the ballfield.

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SLO MSBL Nicaragua logo

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a new squad joining the SLO MSBL. They are managed by Yulman Donaires Calero.

The league is eager to see this new team join. The Nicaragua players are ready to hit the field and test their skills against the rest of the league.

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