2024 SLO MSBL League Rules

Outlaws vs Hogs SLO MSBL playoffs

Each year, the managers of the league meet to discuss the rules the league will follow for the upcoming season. In general, official baseball rules apply. Some additional rules are applied to the MSBL. Superseding both of those are the local league rules that the managers agree to each year.

You can find the Official Baseball Rules here

You can find national MSBL Rules here

League Rules Specific to SLO MSBL


  • SLO MSBL is a modified 30+ league.
    • Teams may have as many players 30 years of age and over as they want.
    • Teams may have up to 5 players that are between the ages of 18-29
      • *an exemption was voted on and approved by managers to allow the Cachoros up to 8 players under 30 for the 2024 season*
  • Teams must have a minimum of 15 rostered players (not including the manager)
  • Teams may add players to their roster until the cut off date. That date is June 16, 2024.
  • All players must pay their full player fee to their manager or the league before they are eligible to play.
    • Teams that play with an ineligible player will be penalized with that game being scored as a forfeit.


  • The player fee for 2024 is $300 per player
    • Managers are responsible for collection of player fees before the player plays in a game.
    • A deposit from each team is due by February 16, 2024 to secure that teams spot for the 2024 season
    • Rosters and a minimum of 15 player fees are due by March 16, 2024 (excluding the amount of the deposit)
  • Please note…no matter when a player joins the team, the full player fee is due. There is no pro-rating of the fee.

Game play:

  • Games are 9 innings or 2.5 hours. No new inning may start after the 2.5 hour mark. However, any inning being played at that time will be finished. Regular season games that are tied after the last inning will end as a tie.
  • The Home team is in the 3rd Base dugout. The Away team is in the 1st Base dugout.
  • Wood bats and wood composite bats are allowed. Absolutely no metal or metal/wood composite bats are allowed
  • Helmets must be worn by all batters, runners and base coaches. Only batters, runners, base coaches and the on deck batter should be out of the dugout while on offense.
  • Teams are responsible for fetching foul balls and returning them to the umpire.
  • A team must have 8 players to play a game. If the team does not have 8 players, the game is a forfeit. Subs are allowed to bring the amount of players to 10. However, a minimum of 6 rostered players from the scheduled team must be present for the game to be official. Substitution rules are below.
    • *if one of the team’s 6 rostered players are injured, the game may continue to be played as long as there are 8 players including subs*
  • The league provides 3 baseballs to each team for each game. The managers are responsible to give them to the umpire before each game. Please have some gently used balls available in case more balls are needed for game play
  • Players between 18-29 years of age may only pitch a combined 3 innings in a game
  • Teams must have 5 or more 30+ year old players on the field for defense
  • Teams may have up to 3 non-runners. They must be listed as a non-runner on the lineup card. The last batted out is the runner to be used. In the event there have been no outs in the game when a runner is needed, the last batter on the lineup will be the runner.
  • With 2 outs and the team’s catcher on base, the catcher may have a runner in order to speed up the game. 
  • Once a pitcher takes a warmup pitch from the mound, they are officially the pitcher. They must pitch to at least 1 batter unless injured.
  • A starting pitcher may return to the mound the following inning after being removed.
  • No alcohol is allowed in the dugouts, bullpens or on the playing field. No exceptions. A player violating this rule will be ejected.

Using subs from other teams:

  • If a team is going to be short of players, they are allowed and encouraged to recruit subs from other teams. The league wants to prevent forfeits as much as possible.
  • As long as a team has 6 of their own players, they may recruit enough subs to bring their player total up to 10 for that game.
    • An exception is being considered to waive the 10 player max for a player to sub if they are subbing only to be a catcher when a team doesn’t have one. 
  • A sub must be a rostered player from another team in the league. No one may play who is not a rostered and paid player in the league. No exceptions
  • Sub players must be batted at the bottom of the lineup
  • Sub players may not pitch
    • *an exception is made if the opposing manager gives their verbal consent to the sub pitching*


  • All players are expected to conduct themselves respectfully. 
  • Umpires have the sole discretion to eject a player
  • If a player is ejected, they must leave the field/dugout/bullpen/stands immediately
  • If a player is ejected, for any reason, both managers and the umpire are to report it to the league president following the game.
  • For first offenses, in most cases, the ejection will be the only penalty.
    • For second and subsequent ejections in the league year, a one game suspension can be imposed by a vote of the league managers
    • In the case of a physical altercation, the initial offender will be suspended a minimum of one game. That may be extended by a vote of the managers following a review
    • In the case of a physical altercation that leads to injury, the offender will be suspended at minimum for the remainder of the league year. That may be extended by a vote of the managers following a review
      • Additionally, if an injury occurs due to a physical altercation, the offender can be subject to criminal and civil penalties under the law. Don’t fight!