SLO MSBL has blowouts and close contests on sunday

SLO MSBL returned on Sunday after a break to honor Memorial Day

The SLO Blues have taken over Sinsheimer for the summer months. So most of the remaining league games will be played at other fields. On June 2, three games were held at Porter field in Arroyo Grande. The league also played it’s first game in two years at Alvord field in Atascadero.

Starting off the day near the beach, The Cachorros blew out the Outlaws. It was a close game until the 5th inning when the Outlaws wheels fell off. the Game ended 17-6.

The middle contest featured the Hogs and Angels. Playing shorthanded, the Angels still easily handled the Hogs en route to a 17-2 win.

The Blacksox and Nicaragua met at 4pm. This game stayed competitive throughout. But the Blacksox had just enough to hold off Nicaragua to secure the 6-4 victory.

At the lake in Atascadero, the Hops and Primos battled it out in another close match. The game was tied going into the 8th inning. But the Primos found just enough to push passed the Hops to walk away with a 9-7 notch in the victory column.

Coming up June 9

Porter Field

10a Nicaragua @ Cachorros

1p Angels @ Blacksox

4p Hogs @ Hops

Alvord Field ( Atascadero)

10a Outlaws @ Primos



The final date for teams to add players to their rosters is Sunday, June 16. Rosters will be locked after that date.

The 2024 League Schedule is here

You can see the 2024 SLO MSBL League Rules here

Interested players:

Managers recruit for their teams independently. To help them reach interested players, the league has a Player interest form you can fill out.

We send the information you provide on the form to the league managers as a tool for recruitment. There is no guarantee you will be recruited, but we try to get interested players in contact with the teams who need players.








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SLO MSBL 2023 champion Angels
The 2023 SLO MSBL league champion Angels


The 2023 championship series was a rematch from 2022. The Angels faced off against the Blacksox.

While the Blacksox handed the Angels their first loss of 2022 in Game 1, the Angels came back to win the next two games to become champs once again.

2024 SLO MSBL League Standings


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The SLO MSBL is the only amateur adult baseball league serving San Luis Obispo County. It is an affiliated league of the National Men’s Senior Baseball League and is open to all adults 18 years and older.

This is real baseball. The league plays on Sundays in San Luis Obispo, or occasionally in Atascadero, Arroyo Grande or Santa Maria. The games are 9 innings or 2.5 hours long. The fields are full sized fields with 90 ft base paths, 60’6″ pitching distance and fences ranging from 295′ to 380’+.

The season typically runs from early April to early September with playoffs following the regular season. Last year, SLO MSBL had 8 teams with players ranging in age from 18 to 72. Don’t think age will get in the way of your ability to play. The only thing stopping you is…you.

Before each season, the league and managers meet to discuss changes, if needed, for the upcoming season. Divisions and local rules are subject to change before the start of each season to make the league more competitive and fun for players.

Last year, the league ran with a single modified 30+ division. Teams could have unlimited players 30 and over and 5 players under 30. The only restriction for the younger players was that they could only pitch a combined 3 innings per team each game. 

2024 will follow the same rules format as last year.

2024 League Schedule


Sinsheimer Stadium

Sinsheimer Stadium 

900 Southwood Drive, San Luis Obispo

Porter field

Porter Field

1467 Ash St., Arroyo Grande

Alvord field

Alvord Field

8056 Portola Ave, Atascadero